Refund and cancellation policy

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Refund Policy:

Self-damaged products are not accepted, as all products undergo quality checks.
Refund is initiated after the return products reach our warehouse.
Refund is processed to your bank account, and details must be provided to our support via phone or email.
For Cash on Delivery (COD) payments, a refund form will be provided for bank details, and NEFT bank transfer will be initiated.
Refund may take up to 7 working days.
If the return pick-up service is not available, the customer is responsible for returning the product to our company.

Cancellation Policy:

Contact us for cancellations before dispatch.
Inform us via phone or email for order cancellation.
Fully refundable before dispatch.
Check order status with our customer care.

For any concerns or inquiries:

Customer care phone: +91-95586 75542, +91-90337 72134 Email: